New Sega Classics bundle brings 25 classic games to Amazon’s Fire TV

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Sega Genesis – also known as Mega Drive in the UK – Sega has teamed up with Amazon to bring Sega Classics to Fire TV. The bundle includes 25 of the most popular Sega games, including Sonic the Hedgehog, Golden Axe, and Streets of Rage.

"With the Sega Classics bundle, Fire TV customers can access a catalogue of classic games without having to purchase a pricey console, buy a controller, or switch HDMI outlets," says the press release. "To play, customers only need their Fire TV remote – or they can pair a compatible Bluetooth controller to their device. 

"With more than 15 of the games supporting multiplayer, Sega Classics is a fun and affordable way to play some of the most beloved Genesis games with their friends and family this holiday season."

Here’s the full games list:

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2
  • Sonic CD
  • The Revenge of Shinobi
  • Ristar
  • Golden Axe
  • Beyond Oasis
  • Decap Attack
  • ESWAT: City Under Siege
  • Street of Rage
  • Street of Rage II
  • Street of Rage III
  • Gunstar Heroes
  • Dynamite Headdy
  • Dr Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine
  • Columns
  • Bio-Hazard Battle
  • Comix Zone
  • Alien Storm
  • Bonanza Bros
  • Golden Axe II
  • Golden Axe III
  • Gain Ground
  • Altered Beast
  • Sonic Spinball

Sega Classics is available on Fire TV in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, Australia, France, Italy, and Spain.

Sega recently reported a year-on-year profits drop of 62 per cent. In its financial reporting on the first half of the fiscal year, Sega saw consolidated net sales fall by 12 per cent year-over-year (YoY) to ¥171 billion ($1.5 billion), and its overall profits drop 62 per cent to ¥6.7 billion ($59 million). The Entertainment Contents Business – in which sits Sega’s video game business – things were a little more positive with a 5.6 per cent net sales rise to ¥107 billion ($951 million), but the operating income also fell by almost 39 per cent to a little over ¥6 billion ($55 million).

Looking ahead, Sega plans to launch multiple new titles "that capitalize on existing and new IPs", citing plans for physical releases of Project Judge (working title), Total War Three Kingdoms and Football Manager 19, with digital releases planned for Idora Phantasy Star Saga, Ryu ga Gotoku Online, Wonder Gravity, Readyyy!, and Revolve8.

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