New UK PlayStation hardware prices confirmed

Sony has confirmed to MCV the UK prices for the new ‘PS3 Slim’ and PSPgo.

The newer slimline PS3 will retail at 249.99 – effectively a price drop of 50, down from 299.99 as the older PS3 units are phased out in favour of the new, slimmer models.

The price of the ‘fat’ model has also been dropped down to 249.99 to help clear out stock channels before the new console’s launch next month.

Meanwhile Sony has also finally confirmed the UK price for the PSPgo – 224.99. The format holder had held off confirming the price since E3. The machine will retail elsewhere in Europe for €249.

The new PS3 unit, which is considerably smaller than the original, was announced today at Sony’s press conference at Gamescom.

The PSPgo’s final price is slightly lower that predictions from retailers earlier this summer.

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