New Xbox Live system detailed

Microsoft is revamping its online gaming service for the launch of its next console, Xbox One.

During today’s Xbox reveal, the platform holder confirmed the new Xbox Live service will be powered by a whopping 300,000 servers. According to Microsoft, that’s more than the entire world’s computing power in 1999.

By comparison, the original Xbox Live was powered by 500 servers. This was upped to 3,000 for the launch of Xbox 360 and today this stands at 15,000 servers.

The impressive computing power will allow users to access music, movies, games and save files anywhere at any time.

Xbox One will also come with a special program that allows users to capture moments from their gaming sessions, as well as edit them and share them with friends.

Naturally, achievements are back and matchmaking has been rejigged so that it can run in the background, allowing Xbox One gamers to search for matches while playing a game, watching a movie or browsing the internet.

The platform holder also claimed the system boasts "direct game computation", which apparently means "bigger games with more players" and "living and persistent worlds".

More will be detailed at E3.

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