New Year, New Job: Landing a job in business development

Universally Speaking’s ThomasNicholastells MCV about how to secure a role in business development

What is your job? What does it involve?

As a business development executive at Universally Speaking, it is my responsibility to bring in new business and develop working relationships in regards to the services we provide.

What are your main responsibilities?

Identify those that might need Universally Speaking’s services.Develop and execute strategies to provide our services to as many people who require them as possible. Taking on client manager duties for new and existing clients to ensure a fully harmonious working relationship. Keeping up to date with game exhibitions and conferences and ensure Universally speaking’s attendance. Having a visible physical presence in this business line is a must.

What special skills or qualifications did you need?

In my experience the skill you need to be in business development more than anything is being a great listener and communicator. This is ideal to get to the root of client needs and wants as well as what you can provide.

Just as important is having fully fleshed-out knowledge of the work and processes involved in the business.

What new skills have you had to learn for this role?

When coming from an operations role into a business development role there are definitely new skills to learn. Mostly to do with the sales related aspect of the role.

Some of the skills I have learned or improved on since moving into business development are sales techniques, keeping a persistent and relevant online presence and client relationship building/maintenance.

Describe a normal day. What do you do?

If in the office a typical day for me would be catch up on emails, get in touch with those whose projects are currently being worked on, ensure that all is well and move on to business development.

Researching and keeping up to date with the industry is paramount and as is reaching out to potential collaborators to provide our services for.

Equally important is having a presence at game and tech exhibitions, these are researched and attended when at all possible

What are the best and worst parts of your role?

I’m finding the attendance and networking during events to the best and part of the role. They are full of potential and seeing a large venue or even a small hall full of creative projects is very inspiring. Speaking with people about their projects and what Universally Speaking can provide to ensure the best end result is something I don’t think I’ll get tired of.

I don’t think there is a ‘worst’ per se, but the most challenging would be keeping to a very tight schedule. Client relations management, new business procurement, project quoting, event attendance, event planning, online presence, and traveling can fill out a diary pretty fast.

What tips would you give to someone applying for a similar position?

Know the business line as much as you can, not just about the services you offer but everything up to and beyond it. Knowing exactly where your service fits within the whole process will serve you well.

Once performing the role, one tip I can give is not to be worried or fearful when approaching a potential client for business. The worst that can happen is that you might be told that they currently don’t have a need for your services; the best is that you might walk away with a new project. A proactive attitude in this regard is a big benefit.

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