New Zelda game still set for Wii U and 2016, Nintendo affirms

If you thought the announcement of the NX would result in the new Zelda being pushed off of Wii U, there’s no need to worry.

That’s according to Nintendo, which reassured fans during its latest Direct presentation that the as-yet untitled instalment would still be coming to its current home console.

Referred to as ‘Zelda Wii U’ since its initial reveal in 2014, the title was originally planned for a launch this year.

However, it was delayed to 2016 back in March, leading some Wii U owners to express concern that they would have to buy Nintendo’s newly-announced console, the NX, to get their hands on the game – and that, subsequently, it wouldn’t launch next year, either.

However, Nintendo has dismissed both concerns, stating clearly that the game continues to be both a Wii U title and slated for release sometime in 2016.

It also revealed some new footage (albeit brief at 13 seconds long) of the highly-anticipated adventure game, which you can check out below at 3:17 in.

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