Newell on Xbox One threat: "It’d take a while for them to catch up with Steam"

Xbox One has already sold 3m machines. But Valve founder Gabe Newell isn’t worried.

Kotaku reports that when Newell was asked about the potential threat posed by Microsoft’s machine at CES yesterday, he responded: Well, it’d take a while for them to catch up. I mean, we’re at 65m.”

He also outlined what he believes will be a key advantage the range of upcoming Steam machines will enjoy when they eventually begin arriving later this year.

Part of why we think that this is the right direction to go in is that we can benefit from everything that people have already done,” he added. If I buy a game on Steam and am running it on Windows, I can go to one of the Steam Machines and I already have the game.

So the benefit as a developer, you benefit as a consumer, having that PC experience extended into the living room.”

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