Newman defends Rust developer after Rift-Light reveal

Facepunch Studios has revealed a new title – and that seems to have upset the internet.

Some fans are unhappy with the news of arcade space shooter Rift-Light because Facepunch’s other title, mega hit Rust, is still in ongoing development via Steam’s Early Access program. They argue that the studio should be focusing its resources on completing that title before moving onto other projects.

Are we doing it wrong? Should every person in the company be working on the same thing? Should HBO make one TV show at a time? Should Warner Brothers make one movie at a time?” Facepunch boss Garry Newman asked.

Assuming they read the full post and got all the information and are still angry they are probably going to be even angrier to find out that we have three other prototypes being worked on by Facepunch staff.

We are spending money Rust and Garry’s Mod make to do this. Arguing that we should be re-investing that money back into only those games is like telling apple they can’t spend the money they made from iPhone and Macs to fund the development of the iPad.

Keep in mind that we spent money Garry’s Mod made to develop Rust – and that turned out pretty good, right? Or should Helk and Pat have been working on Garry’s Mod all that time?

Some commenters have expressed their feelings that they ‘funded’ Rust and we’re running off with the money. None of this sentence is true. We funded Rust for 1-2 years before it eventually became what it is. You bought early access to it. When you buy a pizza you aren’t funding Dominos, you’re just buying a pizza.”

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