Next-gen consoles will help give AMD an "advantage" on PC

AMD’s success in securing rights to produce the innards for both Xbox One and PS4 has placed it in pole position to take control of the PC games market.

That’s according to AMD’s Graphics Business Unit corporate VP and GM Matt Skynner.

[A] couple [of] years ago when we saw how the console thing was gonna shake out, we thought how can we leverage this to a better Radeon gaming solution across other markets, also,” he told Forbes.

As you know when consoles are first launched, games are first developed on console and then ported to PC. Because it’s our architecture there, it’s easier to port the games. And because they’re first developed on our hardware, there should be a performance advantage. They should run better on our hardware.

So if we can create that performance advantage on the PC, from a graphics point of view, then we can give our customers a better gaming experience and grow our market share.”

Skynner also disagrees with recent comments from Valve bemoaning the demise of the PC gaming market.

PC gaming is alive and well,” he insists. That’s a segment that’s growing. Whenever new consoles come out it gives a boost to gaming overall. Because the architectures are similar, it reduces cost, makes it easier for a developer to create for console and PC.

Gamers aren’t console or PC gamers. In my mind gaming is gaming, and any advance in one area helps things across the board.”

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