NGP downgraded to fight 3DS

Sony has apparently made several cuts to the tech inside its upcoming Next Generation Portable in order to take on 3DS.

According to French technology site 01net, translated by IndustryGamers, the base model of NGP could see its RAM memory halved, downgraded from 512MB to 256MB. 01net is the site that first revealed the rumoured codename and specifications for the Wii’s successor.

The report also suggests it will not feature the planned 16GB internal flash memory, instead opting for an external memory device. However, the 128MB graphics memory capability is said to be safe.

The cuts are supposedly being made so that Sony can reduce the cost of the machine, making its basic NGP model more in line with the price of Nintendo’s 3DS.

Back in February, retailers told MCV that Sony runs the risk of the NGP underperforming if it doesn’t apply a sub-300 price.

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