Niantic has stopped accepting Pokestop and gym requests

If you live in the sticks and haven’t already requested the addition of a Pokegym in your village, then it sounds like you’re out of luck.

Pokemon Go developer Niantic had previously introduced a system whereby users were able to request the creation of either gyms of Pokestops at specific locations. This was especially useful for those who lived in more rural settings, where Poke action can be a little harder to come by.

However, Siliconera reports that Niantic has announced that it is no longer accepting these requests. No reason is stated but one would presume this is due to the huge volume it has received on the back of the game’s socially transformative impact.

Niantic has debuted a newer system for the request of gym or Pokestop removal, however, perhaps owing to a few negative headlines it has received over questionable location choices.

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