Ninja Theory leaps into Blu-Ray debate

It was Sony’s decision to include its high-capacity Blu-Ray disc format in PS3 that has been attributed with driving up the price of the machine – so Sony will be delighted that yet another industry voice has spoken out in praise of the format.

Nina Kristensen, chief designer at Heavenly sword developer Ninja Theory, has said that the studio’s upcoming PS3 title has completely filled Sony’s 25GB disc – with the audio alone taking up more room than the total storage capacity on Microsoft’s dual-layer DVD.

CVG quotes Kristensen as claiming: We have jam-packed the Blu-Ray disc absolutely full. We used compression all over the place. We had to be really judicious at the end with what was going on the disc and what wasn’t.

I think it’s one of those things – if you give us the space we’re going to fill it with stuff. It means the audio can be of a higher quality and stuff like that. It all adds to the quality of the package.”

The claims come not long after Bizarre Creations intimated that it has had to be frugal with its content for upcoming racer Project Gotham Racing 4 on 360 as a result of DVD’s limited storage capacity – though these statements were later retracted.

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