Nintendo adding Twitter-style verified accounts to Wii U online service Miiverse

Nintendo today announced it will add verified accounts to its online Miiverse service to help single out brands, Nintendo VIPs and celebrities.

Like the blue tick that celebrities and major brands have on social network Twitter, the Miiverse verified avatars will have a green tick to distinguish them from other accounts.

The verified accounts were created for corporations, organisations and special individuals.

"We verified account for individuals, such as people involved in software creation, who will uses these accounts to share information about their games or services," said Iwata.

These special users can attach links to external sites to their posts or embded YouTube video links.

The director of New Super Mario Bros U had already used his approved account to share gameplay tips for the title, said Iwata.

"There are many people who viewed his post," said Iwata, to underline how verified accounts help information stand out on Miiverse.

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