Nintendo announces the New 2DS XL

The 3DS is getting one last hurrah thanks to the surprise announcement of a new redesign for the handheld. Nintendo has announced the New 2DS XL, which returns to the 2DS design of the hardware and gives it a more 3DS-style spin.

The existing 2DS, for those who don’t recall, offered an alternative and typically cheaper alternative to the 3DS by ditching the hinge in favour of a slab design. It also dropped the 3D functionality, while remaining compatible with standard 3DS software.

While the 3DS and 3DS XL remained the gamers’ choice, the 2DS has always been an excellent option for younger kids who are more likely to be rough with their handheld. It was also a good option for parents who are wary of having their kids play in 3D.

The New 2DS XL will also drop the 3D, but in other ways the design is all 3DS. Indeed, this looks like possibly the nicest iteration of the handheld to date. Both the black and blue SKU and the white and orange model have been confirmed to hit the UK.

All other functionality seems to be present, including the C-stick, Z-buttons and built-in NFC for Amiibo support. That also means it will work with the few 3DS XL exclusive titles that are available. Also bungled in the box is a 4GB microSD card and an AC adapter.

UK pricing has yet to be announced, but the console will launch on July 28th, coinciding with the launch of Miitopia and Hey Pikmin. In the US, the console has an $149 (115) RRP. It will arrive slightly earlier in Japan on July 13th, priced at 14,980 (104).

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