Nintendo begins Mario Kart 8 YouTube video claims

YouTubers who have uploaded footage of Mario Kart 8 are are seeing their videos flagged up by Google.

The claims are for user gameplay footage, GoNintendo reports. Video uploaded via Mario Kart TV is automatically part of Nintendo’s video advertising program.

This suggests Nintendo has made a claim on the content and requested that Google contact uploaders. In doing so the company hopes to place its own money-generating ads onto the footage.

This is controversial because it deters YouTubers from uploading Mario Kart footage as they won’t pocket any of the ad revenue.

Some argue that Nintendo is right to monetise footage of games it has paid to produce. Others argue that any move which deters the proliferation of Nintendo game footage online is counter-productive as exposure of said titles is limited – particularly at a time when YouTubers are regarded as being one of the most influential marketing tools available.

It’s possible that those using the in-game video uploader may avoid claims if they upload the footage without sound. Direct gameplay captures may elude detection if the sound is low and there is commentary dubbed on top.

The move follows plans revealed last month to launch an affiliate program that will share ad revenues with pre-approved YouTubers. Even then, YouTubers will see reduced returns from Nintendo-based videos when compared to titles from other publishers.

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