Nintendo challenges dual-ownership claims

The industry has for years worked on the presumption that the Wii is a far more likely second purchase for those who already own either an Xbox 360 and PS3, but the boss of Nintendo America Reggie Fils-Aime has questioned that belief.

Let me correct a couple facts,” he told Industry Gamers. First, based on our own research, the Wii platform by far is the system that stands alone in the consumer’s home.

In our data, we actually see much more dual-ownership between a PS3 or Xbox 360 both being in the home vs a Wii and a 360 or a Wii and PS3.”

And the consequence of this? That developers have to think longer and harder about their Wii projects

In order to create an experience for the Wii platform that you really have to approach it singly – you can’t simply port something,” he added.

That means the development community needs to have dedicated resources; clearly it is easier to create either for the PS3 or 360 and port to the other system. So that’s a challenge.”

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