Nintendo confirms 3DS joypad add-on

After some doubted its authenticity this morning, Nintendo has confirmed that the 3DS joystick add-on is real – and is a Nintendo product.

"We can confirm that Nintendo does plan to release the attachment but that any further announcements on the attachment will be made at some later time by Nintendo,” a statement read.

Furthermore, a closer look at some of the images of the peripheral reveal some new details.

Firstly, as well as adding an extra analogue joystick it also adds four shoulder buttons, though with access likely to be blocked to the device’s two existing shoulder buttons this is only really a net gain of two.

Nonetheless, it immediately brings it up to par with next-gen rivals.

The other thing to note is the incredible bulk the attachments adds to the otherwise sleek 3DS. The image shown above suggests something in the region of an inch could be added to the machine’s underside.

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