Nintendo dates Q2 slate

Nintendo has unveiled a string of new titles for the Wii and DS due to hit retail between spring and summer.

– Japan’s critically acclaimed Daigasso! Band Bros DS music game will finally hit UK stores on May 21st, six years after its original release. It will be renamed Jam with the Band in Europe

– Disney’s Toy Story 3 is due for release on the Wii and DS on June 17th, one week before the film’s launch in cinemas. The kids’ publisher will also bring TV franchise Sonny With a Chance to the DS on May 7th.

– Wii exclusive Samurai Warriors 3 will arrive in retailers on 28th May, which is being published by Tecmo Koei.

– DS mansion puzzler Rooms: The Main Building will hit UK shelves on June 4th.

Nintendo previously revealed a June 11th release date for Super Mario Galaxy 2 and other key titles including Sin and Punishment 2: Successor of the Skies, due May 7th.

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