Nintendo finally offers Stars for Wii points

Having originally promising to do so longer ago than MCV can remember, Nintendo’s pledge to allow gamers to swap their Stars Catalogue points for spendable Virtual Console currency has finally been realised with the relaunch of the

Nintendo Europe website


Though the star-swapping page is down at the moment, probably due to high demand.

Every Nintendo game in Europe comes with a voucher which can be registered on the Nintendo website for Star Catalogue points. These points can then be exchanged for various goodies – normally the likes of wallpapers and ringtones but occasionally games or collectibles.

However, now these Stars can be exchanged for Wii Points that are spendable on the Wii’s Virtual Console downloads service. With an exchange rate of four Stars per Point, a dedicated Nintendo fan could find themselves with as much as 2,500 Virtual Console points to spend – which is enough for three free Mega Drive downloads, for instance.

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