Nintendo five top 20m sales

Nintendo has announced than five of its titles have surpassed 20 million since the launch of both the Wii and DS.

Wii Play has sold the most, with a staggering 27.38 million sales under its belt, according to Kotaku. The combined SKUs of DS title Nintendogs is closest competitor, with 23.26 million sales.

Wii Fit is the second biggest selling Wii title with 22.61 million sales, followed by Mario Kart Wii, which has shifted 22.55 million units. Finally, the original New Super Mario Bros on DS has sold 22.49 million copies worldwide.

Notable mentions include Brain Age, which has shifted 18 million copies and Mario Kart DS, which has sold 17.9 million. Perhaps the most impressive is New Super Mario Bros Wii, which has already rack up sales of 14.7 million since its release in November, according to CVG.

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