Nintendo insists casual is not taking over the market

Speaking to as part of its Girl Gaming Month, Nintendo’s UK Wii product manager Rob Lowe has stated that the rise in popularity of casual software has not had any detrimental affect on the importance of hardcore titles in the market.

There is clear room for both and any publisher can demonstrate clear value in both casual and hardcore,” Lowe stated. For every Carnival Games there is a BioShock and for every Wii Fit there is a Resident Evil 5.

Regarding Nintendo’s own output, Lowe added that Nintendo remains focused on its core title selection – and that many of its supposedly ‘core’ titles still appeal to its dedicated fanbase.

For every Wii Fit, Brain Training and Nintendogs title we release we also release a Super Mario Galaxy, Professor Layton, Smash Bros, Metroid and so on. That’s not even taking into account the huge number of core gamers who enjoy our Touch Generations range just as much as those who are new to gaming do.”

There’s plenty more in the full interview – click here.

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