Nintendo Labo is even more feature-rich than you expect

Nintendo has released three new videos showing a lot more details about the first Labo packs that will be available on April 27th. Taking a deep dive into each ‘Toy Con’, the videos explain the sort of games and toys that we can expect from these bizarre cardboard constructions. In short, deeper and more gamey than we first anticipated.

Of particular note is the way that the infrared camera hidden in the right Joy Con is used throughout. This allows for a surprising amount of functionality, from reading input from a mini cardboard keyboard to guiding mini robot cars along a guided route. The games on offer are also more impressive than the initial trailer first showed, with various ways the player can create their own content, plus challenge modes to complete.

The keyboard game even allows players to compose their own music, which can be output via the speakers or via an ‘acoustic mode’ which turns a cardboard box into a speaker thanks to the magic of the Joy Con’s HD rumble. The only disappointment is that there’s no Rock Band 3 style rhythm game mode included with the keyboard Toy Con. Though there’s nothing stopping developers taking advantage of the cardboard peripheral and making one themselves. Hint hint, Harmonix.

Check out all the videos below for the full details.

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