NINTENDO: Luigi’s Mansion 2 heads to 3DS

Nintendo has lifted the lid on a new Luigi’s Mansion game for its 3DS handheld.

The firm’s US president Reggie Fils-Aime revealed a host of new games for 3DS which he described as headline titles”.

One of them was Luigi’s Mansion 2 – a follow-up to the Gamecube launch title. A special projection of the game was shown on the stage at Nintendo’s E3 2011 conference, as was a new trailer.

A playable version will be shown off to attendees on the show floor.

Fils-Aime said: Luigi’s Mansion 2 is not a revision, it’s an entirely new game.

"It features not just one, but several new mansions."

A release date has yet to be revealed for Luigi’s Mansion 2.

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