Nintendo puts a large focus on eSports in Switch reveal

Yesterday Nintendo showed off the Switch for the first time, and had a large portion of the reveal video focus on eSports.

The three minute video was split into sub sections showing the different uses of the console, with the final section being focused on eSports.

The clip sees two teams battle it out in a massive arena while playing Splatoon on the Switch. The scene looked like something you might see at The International and not like anything we have ever seen before at a eSports event for a Nintendo game.

Putting such a big focus on eSports in the reveal has lead many to believe that Nintendo will support eSports properly going forward. In the past Nintendo has had very little to do with eSports, and rarely talks about it publicly, so giving it such a prominent place in the video is a big change for the company.

Of course this could mean nothing and Nintendo could continue to only casually embrace eSports. Over recent months the company has made some moves with competitive Splatoon, but its biggest eSports success is the Smash Bros series. Both Smash Wii U and Smash Melee are still played competitively, and are two of the biggest fighting game eSports in the world, arguably only sitting behind Street Fighter in terms of popularity.

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