Nintendo reveals new account system and customer reward program

A central cloud storage network will be at the heart of the new ‘Nintendo Account’ system, unveiled by the platform holder overnight.

The network will span consoles, PC and smartphones and be compatible with the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Nintendo’s own Nintendo Network ID. Character and game data from Nintendo titles across all devices, as well as friends lists, will be uploaded and shared via the cloud.

Also on the way is a new reward program that awards points for gameplay and purchases. This currency can then be cashed in for either in-game items or real-world goodies, a la the now defunct Club Nintendo. eShop credit will also be obtainable in this way.

Also mentioned is a mechanic that awards extra points when members check into their accounts at certain locations such as theme parks, cinemas or restaurants.

Nintendo’s upcoming online hub will also allow users to buy content online and peruse their stats and points totals.

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