Nintendo sets 2m sales benchmark

Nintendo has revealed that it considers anything less than two million global sales for its major releases a disappointment.

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime said that the firm was aiming for at least 1.5 million sales with Metroid Other M – the latest game in the space series, announced at E3 2009.

He also vowed that the series would return to a more traditional” style.

Speaking in a video interview with Gamespot, Fils-Aime said:

Metroid is a key franchise for us,” he said. And in our view, really since the SNES, Metroid hasn’t broken through.

That’s in terms of 1.5 to two million unit sales. That’s our bar. That’s the scale we look at to say, on a global basis: That game has been effective.”

He added:

A year ago, someone could have asked me what’s going on with Metroid, when are we going to go back to the more traditional Metroid series, rather than the path we went down with Prime. The answer is Other M.

We’re constantly asking ourselves when the right time is to revitalise a franchise, and how we do it in a way that’s provocative.”

We wanted to place Samus back in the more traditional lineage of Metroid. We wanted a harder edge.”

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