Nintendo storms first half of 2007

Nintendo has had a triumphant first half of the year in Japan, selling a massive 11,119,042 titles from January 1st to June 24th.

The publisher sold 8,518,718 more titles than nearest rival Capcom, which shifted 2,600,324 games during the period.

The main breadwinners for Nintendo were Wii Sports, Wii Play and Yoshi’s Island DS – according to data compiled by



Alongside this, 12 of the top 20 selling titles were published by Nintendo, while Total First Half Year Hardware Sales also favoured Nintendo consoles, with the DS Lite at number one with 3, 714,067 units sold and Wii at number two with 1,775,005 sales.

Elsewhere in the publisher rankings, the second, third and fourth positions stood relatively in line, taken up by Capcom (2,600,324 titles sold), Namco Bandai Games (2,218,327), and Square Enix (2,195,036). Further down, Sega (1,393,196) took fifth place and Pokemon (1,218,935) was sixth, then came a relative drop with Koei (625,775) at seven, followed by Level-5 (577,770) at eight, Konami (524,071) at nine and finally Banpresto (380,350) at ten.

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