Nintendo Switch price set for ¥25,000, says Nikkei report

The Nintendo Switch will allegedly cost around 25,000, according to a new report from Nikkei, potentially putting its UK price in the region of 175.

If true, this means that, in Japan, the Switch will be cheaper than the basic 8GB Wii U, which sold for 26,250 when it first launched in 2012. The 32GB premium model, by comparison, cost 31,500.

The Japanese financial newspaper has good form when it comes to leaking Nintendo rumours, as it accurately predicted the launch of the Nintendo DSi, the Nintendo 3DS XL as well as the end of the Wii U production cycle, among others.

However, if Engadget’s translation of the story is to be believed, it seems this particular piece of information was more of a ballpark figure and wasn’t accredited to an insider source familiar with the matter. This suggests that 25,000 is more of an approximate RRP rather than a definitive figure.

That said, even if 25,000 does prove accurate, it’s highly likely the UK price will be more than its direct conversion rate of 175. When the Wii U launched back in 2012, for instance, a direct conversion of the Japanese prices should have worked out to 209 and 251 respectively, according to Eurogamer, but the final prices ended up being much higher, with the basic version selling for 250 and the premium model selling for 300.

Either way, it still looks like the Switch will be cheaper than the Wii U overall, as current rumours have pointed toward a 200 price for the basic model of the Switch, and a 250 premium version that comes with more storage and, potentially, a bundled game.

Nintendo is expected to unveil the Switch’s official UK price and release date at its Switch reveal event this Friday. The presentation will be airing online at 4am in the UK, but the UK press will be going hands on with the device later that day.

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