NINTENDO: The Wii U is revealed

It’s finally here. Nintendo has tonight at its E3 press conference finally revealed its next home console – The Wii U.

As widely reported, the machine uses an iPad sized touch-screen (6.2-inch) controller which in itself can clearly be used as a standalone unit – though Iwata has stressed that it is not a portable games device.

It will also work with all existing Wii games and Wii accessories and will even allow users to play their Wii titles without using a TV. Indeed, some games will require the use of peripehrals like the Wii controller.

However, the system also offers tremendous scope for augmented reality gaming in conjunction with a user’s TV. The machine is HD comaptible and will communicate wirelessly with TV sets.

The trailer showed a vast wealth of opportunities for interaction.

At time users were holding the device in front of their TVs, with the image cleverly overlaid. Then it was a tee from which a ball was struck.

It will also offer video calling and web browsing. If nothing else, it truly is unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Nintendo’s aim with the system, according to global boss Satoru Iwata, is to merge the mass market won over by the likes of the Wii with the company’s core fanbase.

"Will U will be equally satisfying to all. No machine has done that before," Iwata told the E3 audience. "It will offer deeper and wider experiences than any gamer has realised before. it will let everyone see games in a different way. represents a major step toward reaching our goal.

Wii U will be out in 2012.

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