Nintendo to add warnings to Wii Karaoke U due to foul-mouthed content

A number of warnings are to be added to Wii Karaoke U after it was discovered that some of the songs it offers contain offensive language.

Kotaku reports that one such offering available in the game is Afroman’s Colt 45, the lyrics to which are as follows:

We f****d on the bed
F****d on the floor
F****d so long I grew a f****d afro
Then I f****d to the left (left)
F****d to the right (right)
She s****d my d**k ’til the s**t turned white

Note that Wii Karaoke U is a PEGI 3 rated game. And is published by Nintendo. Also note that any Wii U consoles that have parental filters activated should stop kids accessing offensive tracks through the game.

Regardless, Nintendo has told Eurogamer that it’s going to be adding a number of warning messages to the game.

"Wii Karaoke U by Joysound is intended to provide users with access to a large catalogue of songs from a broad range of music labels across a variety of musical genres – designed to appeal to all music tastes," the company said.

"As such Nintendo does not restrict which songs are included in the catalogue of songs featured within the application.

"We are aware that some songs contain explicit lyrics and deal with adult themes which some audiences may find unsuitable. As such the application currently includes a notice which informs users that music downloads are not rated by PEGI.

"It is however very important to us that all users understand that some lyrics contained within songs may not be suitable for all audiences and as such we will immediately be implementing an additional message within the Nintendo eShop (prior to downloading the application and ticket purchase) as well as on the game’s website pages.

In the near future this message will also be incorporated within the notification that is displayed as the application is launched."

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