Nintendo to patch gay marriage "bug" in Tomodachi Collection

Tomodachi Collection: New Life marked the first time in the series that Nintendo had permitted same-sex relationships in one of its titles. Or so it seemed.

It was revealed last week that the Japanese 3DS title allowed male Mii characters to marry other male Miis, as well as subsequently have and raise children.

Note that female same-sex marriage is not permitted.

Kotaku reports that the feature generated plenty of positive noise in Japan, with users proudly posting pictures of the married avatars and some consumers even pledging to buy the game because of it.

However, Nintendo is seemingly less happy about what it now describes as a bug” in the game. The platform holder says a patch is on the way that will, amongst other things, address human relations that become strange” – that’s according to Kotaku‘s translation.

Some users are now publically pledging not to download the patch in an effort to promote gay relationships.

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