Nintendo to produce DSi-specific titles

Nintendo president Saturo Iwata has stated that his firm is developing titles specifically designed for the recently unveiled DS remake,

the DSi


GameSpot reports that a number of WarioWare titles will be heading for the upcoming DS download service, DSiWare. Along with some of the pioneering Game Boy Advance titles from the series, original titles are also planned – including one that is designed to make use of the DSi’s in-built twin cameras.

Called WarioWare: Photograph, the title will require players to place their machine on a table and stand back so their silhouette appears on-screen. The game will then be controlled via movement, a la Sony’s EyeToy.

In addition, Nintendo also announced WarioWare: Myself. The standard DS game will allow users to create their own mini-games.

The firm also expressed its intentions to publish DSi utilities on the DSiWare service, with examples given to date including a calculator and mapping programme.

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