Nintendo to release 2-3 mobile games per year

Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima has revealed more details about Nintendo’s future mobile strategy, stating the company plans to release multiple games each year going forward.

Speaking at an investor Q&A session, Kimishima said: "We plan to continue releasing two to three titles per year that consumers can enjoy as Nintendo’s smart-device applications."

He added: "I believe Nintendo constantly needs to undertake new endeavors. The integrated hardware and software business is at the heart of Nintendo?s business and I believe it is important that we continue our strong commitment to that business, but it is also my mission to expand the smart-device and Nintendo IP businesses, and to find and nurture the seeds of new entertainment experiences as new technologies emerge."

Nintendo originally said it would release five mobile games before the end of this fiscal year, but has so far only delivered three, namely Miitomo, Super Mario Run and the recent Fire Emblem Heroes. A fourth game based on Animal Crossing was also planned, but Nintendo revealed it had been delayed until the next financial year when it released its Q3 financial report last week.

Managing executive officer Shinya Takahashi also reiterated Nintendo’s plans to use established franchises and Nintendo IP to help drive mobile users toward its dedicated hardware platforms.

"It is possible to provide applications that feel related to the dedicated video game systems even if they do not have any direct connections," Takahashi said.

"I believe that smart devices, particularly bigger ones like tablets, are easy for smaller children to use which makes it easier for them to experience Nintendo’s IP, so we have been planning to create synergy between smart devices and our dedicated video game systems."

Shigeru Miyamoto also said the company was very much aware of the impact mobile devices had on younger generations, and that it was continuing to work on how it can utilise them to reach a larger audience of players.

"We are aware that we should make use of the smart-device medium, which has spread further than dedicated video game systems, to appeal to younger generations in particular," Miyamoto said. "We are continuing to work to maximize the impact of the connection with smart devices while actively spreading Nintendo’s IP further, and (after experiencing the impact of Pokmon Go,) I am starting to see reactions that affirm this was not a mistake."

Miyamoto added: "We will continue to make use of smart devices in order to increase the amount of people who experience Nintendo;s IP, and, though the Nintendo 3DS and, soon, Nintendo Switch will remain our most important business, we will continue to expand the smart-device business since it has gradually begun to contribute to Nintendo;s business as a whole."

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