Nintendo trails 360 and PS2 in EA revenues

It has been revealed that despite the global dominance of Nintendo’s Wii and DS gaming duo, both the Xbox 360 and the PS2 were more profitable for global publishing giant EA for the quarter ending September 30th – reinforcing concerns that third party publishers are finding it hard to tap into Nintendo’s success.

Gamasutra reports that Xbox 360 proved the most profitable format for the publisher in the period, with revenues of $218 million. Sony’s everlasting PS2 was next in line, with revenues of $73 million. Wii and DS followed with revenues of $59 million and $47 million respectively.

PSP trailed the Nintendo pair with $21 million, and PS3 came last with revenues of $17 million. PS2 and PSP were the only two formats to see revenues drop compared to the same period last year.

Eidos CTO Julien Merceron yesterday said that this Q4 will be vital for third party Wii developers, claiming: "Either third party developers and publishers will make money on the Wii platform, or they won’t – and if most of them don’t I think we’ll see a big drop in support for the Wii next year, which could have some consequences for Nintendo, and very positive ones for Microsoft and Sony.”

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