Nintendo unimpressed by rivals whiz bang tech

Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime has differentiated the firm’s E3 performance from that of Sony and Microsoft – who he said concentrated on whiz bang” technology that might not even see the light of day”.

Speaking to Gamespot in a video interview, Fils-Aime pledged that Nintendo would continue to reinvent its key franchises – and that the firm would keep on disrupting” the market.

He said:

In our view, we have to continuously disrupt the market. What I would suggest to you is that even in the competitive [E3] announcements, it highlights how different we are.

Our competitors chose to talk about technology and all of this ‘whiz bang’ stuff. We focus on entertainment. When we first showed off the Wii Remote, we did it in the context of Wii Sports, which millions upon millions of consumers have experienced.

He added: We’re going to continue to disrupt and push this marketplace, but always with a smile on our face and a focus on entertainment, versus a focus on the technology – especially technology that may or may not ever come to light.”

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