Nintendo unveils first official Switch bundle with Splatoon 2

Last night’s Nintendo Direct may have been all about Nintendo’s upcoming Switch title ARMS, but it also unveiled a brand-new range of Splatoon 2 accessories at the very end, chief among them being a brand-new limited edition Splatoon 2 Switch hardware bundle.

Sadly, the limited edition bundle will come with the standard neon red and neon blue Joy-Cons rather than the newly-announced neon green and neon pink controllers, which were also unveiled for the first time last night, but fans will be able to buy the green and pink combo separately if they wish. Both the hardware bundle and the Joy-Cons will launch alongside Splatoon 2 on July 21st.

Also launching on July 21st is a new Splatoon 2-themed Switch carry case and screen protector and a Splatoon 2 edition of the Switch Pro controller. Nintendo is also launching three new Amiibo for the game, including Neon Pink Inkling Girl, Neon Green Inkling Boy and a Neon Purple Inkling Squid.

Nintendo also showed off Splatoon 2’s single-player element last night, which will return alongside its multiplayer element in just a few months time. For the first time, players can use different weapons in the single player mode to overcome its obstacles and defeat enemies and bosses. As before, the single player mode will teach players the basic controls of the game as well as introduce tricks and tips they can take forward into the game’s multiplayer.

Nintendo also announced that ARMS would be getting its own global demo later this month. The first Global Testpunch (like Splatoon 2’s Global Testfire) will take place between May 27th and 28th, while the second will take place between June 3rd and 4th. All users need to do is download the demo from the Switch eShop before the trial begins.

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