NINTENDO: Wii U Star Fox is called Star Fox Zero, set for Christmas 2015 release

After an.. eventful opening, Nintendo’s first game on display during its E3 presentation was its Wii U Star Foxtitle.

Now going under the name of Star FoxZero, the game is set for a Christmas 2015 release date.

During the trailer, it is apparent that fans will be able to se the gamepad to target enemies from a cockpit view. This is while the TV display show a more ‘cinematic’ display.

Gamers are also able to use the Wii U Gamepad’s gryrometer capabiltiies to control what fans see.

Not only this, as well as the space combat, consumers are able to take to land, too. This includes a Star FoxWalker, a concept from the un-released Star Fox2. Fans can also use the Gyro-wing and the Landmaster.

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