Nintendo’s new cross-buy appears to be freely dishing out copies of OlliOlli on 3DS

The new cross-buy offer that accompanied the launch of OlliOlli on Wii U and 3DS last week appears to be far more generous than anyone would have expected.

Nintendo Life reports that those who buy a copy of the Curve Digital game on the Wii U are then also able to download a copy for free on any 3DS handheld that uses a Nintendo Network ID that is registered on the home console.

The thing is, it looks as if there’s no limit to how many 3DS NNIDs can be registered on a Wii U.

The site successfully downloaded the game onto two registered 3DS consoles. It speculates that the loophole could be unintentional as there seems little reason for someone not to dish out as many free copies as they want to friends under the current system.

Previous cross-buy titles such as Mario vs. Donkey Kong provided users with a download code that could be used to grab a free one-off download of the game on another platform. Other titles, such as Shovel Knight, discounted subsequent purchases of the game on the other system.

Sony’s PSN cross-buy allows buyers of compatible devices to download copies onto any devices registered on the same PSN ID.

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