Nintendo’s share price tumbles; Down 83% compared to 2007 peak

18 per cent was wiped off the value of Nintendo o the Tokyo Stock Exchange following last week’s turbulence.

The company’s share price opened at 12,180 this morning having closed at 14,645 on Friday. Nintendo’s price is down 25 per cent compared to the 16,130 it was trading at on January 10th.

Cast your eye further back and things are even grimmer, however. Compared to Nintendo’s peak value of 70,500 in November 2007, Nintendo has since lost a colossal 83 per cent of its value.

There has been a slight recovery today, with the share price climbing from 12,180 to 13,745.

The recent turbulence began when Nintendo president Saturo Iwata on Friday admitted that the platform holder would not hit its 9m annual Wii U unit sales target, revising the forecast to just 2.8m units.

Its 3DS sales forecasts were also decreased.

In the hours that followed he pledged not to resign and stated that the company would not be taking its IP onto rival platforms, although he did admit that things had to change at the Kyoto firm.

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