No 3D? No problem for Killzone 3

Though Killzone 3 will champion both the PS3’s 3D capabilities and the integration of motion controller Move, Dutch developer Guerrilla Games wants to ensure that gamers without either tech don’t feel left out by the push.

3D is a great feature, but it’s an option to the game. I don’t want people who don’t have 3D to have a suboptimal experience,” managing director Herman Hulst told 1UP.

But we don’t want to alienate the core audience. The same with Move. These things are options. They’re great options. I think they’re here to stay. Just like we moved from mono sound to stereo sound. You wouldn’t want to go back after awhile. But you don’t force people to buy another transistor radio. We have to listen to the audience in that regard.

That said, if you play it in 3D you see some of the cuts scenes and sequences in 3D, they look outstanding. They really pull you into the action. You’re submerged more than ever.”

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