No Amazon UK game downloads this year

Amazon’s PC game download store has suffered a new delay, say publishers.

The service is now expected to launch next year. MCV understands the service – which has been live in the US for some time – was originally due for a UK soft launch in April 2011. Publishers now expect it in 2013 at the earliest.

We got a contract, the whole thing signed, and so have a couple of other companies,” a senior publishing source told MCV.

Then it got delayed to May, and then Amazon said it’s not going to happen until October. Now it’s said it’s not happening this year.

I think Amazon has got to be careful because it’s going to miss the boat. In fact I’m staggered that Amazon is being so slow.

What I don’t understand is Amazon has got the download system up and running in the States.”

MCV understands Amazon is planning to launch game downloads in Germany soon, and the new delay suggests it is waiting to see how it goes in that territory first.

A spokesperson for Amazon could only offer MCV: I’m afraid I don’t have any information about future plans we may or may not have in the UK.”

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