No More Heroes 2 dated

Rising Star has announced that No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle will be released throughout Europe on May 28th.

The game is a sequel to critically acclaimed 2008 cult hit No More Heroes, and pits gamers against a league of assassins as they maim their way to the top. It was developed by notable Japanese icon, Suda 51

The original suffered significant censorship cuts which saw the removal of all blood and gore, but Rising Star confirmed that the UK will receive an unedited version.

We’re really excited to announce the official European release date for No More heroes 2: Desperate Struggle,” said Rising Star’s MD Martin Defries.

The original became a cult hit on the Wii when it released four years ago and the sequel is set to attract an army of new followers. The inclusion of blood also means No More Heroes 2 will be available in Europe the way the legendary Suda51 intended.”

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