No Netflix at launch – Nintendo Switch will concentrate on games

Netflix has become somewhat omnipresent in modern technology, with the streaming service available on most games consoles, set top boxes, smart TVs, smartphones, tablets and even some fridges. It won’t be appearing on Nintendo Switch at launch, though.

Nintendo, responding to queries from Kotaku, stated that the streaming service, along with other popular competitors, such as Amazon Prime Instant Video and BBC’s iPlayer, will not be coming to the console yet and it wasn’t willing to even confirm it was coming eventually.

"All of our efforts have gone toward making the Nintendo Switch system an amazing dedicated video game platform, so it will not support any video-streaming services at launch. However, support for video-streaming services is being considered for a future update."

It’s something of a disappointment in two respects. Nintendo has primarily pitched the Switch as a home console, one you can take on the move if desired, and from that point of view it should certainly support such services or at least have a clearer plan on when they’ll roll out. Many people use their console for streaming services, and pushing people back to a competitor’s device for such usage isn’t a great plan.

Secondly, as a mobile device it’s perfectly positioned for Netflix use. The high-quality 6.2in display, combined with the download-and-watch-later feature, now available on Netflix – as well as iPlayer and Amazon – would make it the perfect travelling companion. Especially when paired with a big SDXC card, an opportunity for retailers to make margins on such accessories.

On the plus side, it does mean that Nintendo and its publishing partners can concentrate on talking about the games. Given the big reveal, it’s incredible how little Nintendo has shown of other features, or even the Switch’s user interface.

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