No Nvidia GTX 700 series graphics cards until 2014

The next generation of PC graphics cards from Nvidia doesn’t look set to arrive until 2014.

The current 600 series debuted over a year ago, with the only recent refreshes being the powerhouse GTX Titan and the recent 660 re-spec the GTX 660Ti Boost. A GTX Titan LE is expected out in Q3.

However, Tom’s Hardware reports that a leaked Nvidia GPU roadmap points to the release of its next standard, currently known as Maxwell, some time in the New Year.

Nvidia rival AMD is rumoured to be preparing to launch its new Radeon 8000 series in Q4 of this year.

The complicating factor, of course, is the upcoming release of the PS4 and new Xbox. We know the PS4 is being built on AMD components and all signs point to AMD powering Xbox 360 too.

Both machines are likely to match mid-to-high range cards currently available for PC, with the GTX 700 series and Radeon 8000 series expected to significantly surpass them.

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