No PlayStation Plus required for No Man’s Sky online features

PS4 owners will not be required to subscribe to PlayStation Plus if they wish to advantage of No Man’s Sky galaxy-spanning online features.

While No Man’s Sky is pretty much a single player experience as you roam around the almost impossibly vast game world, the title does boast a number of online features that tie players’ assorted universes together. There is also the slim chance of running into another player.

These features will be available to all, however, with a Sony rep telling Game Informer: PS Plus won’t be a requirement to play online, however you will need to connected to the internet for your discoveries to register with the universal atlas.”

Said atlus, the site confirms, is a sort of online leaderboard and also the mechanism through which players leave their mark on the planets they discover.

No Man’s Sky will be released on PS4 and PC on August 10th.

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