Nordic Games rebrands as THQ Nordic

Two years after purchasing the THQ name, Nordic Games has reincorporated as THQ Nordic.

According to CEO Lars Wingefors, this is due to the fact that the current Nordic business is so focused around franchises it purchased from THQ in 2013.

The firm purchased several IP from the now-defunct publisher in 2013, including franchises such as Darksiders, MX vs ATV and Red Faction.

It followed this up by buying the THQ name in June 2014.

Since we acquired the THQ brand, we have come to realise just how big that brand actually is,” Wingefors told MCV.

Our current business is so centred around the IP we purchased from THQ. We made two deals with THQ – firstly we acquired some IP, then we purchased the THQ brand. I just felt that we are a mixture of THQ and Nordic Games. And that’s why we have made the name THQ Nordic. It’s still called Nordic because we do have a legacy and background from Sweden and Austria.”

THQ Nordic has 23 games projects in the works, 13 of which have not been announced as of yet. But Wingefors says that we will see the return of some familiar brands in the near future.

"I can’t really comment on each IP, but I can say that quite a few of the non-announced games are from the THQ portfolio,” he said.

And I am really excited about having those announced in the coming few months or the next year. There will be more news soon.”

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