Nordisk Film Games invests $5.5m in Raw Fury

Raw Fury secured a new partner as Danish film and entertainment studio Nordisk Film Games (NFG) invested $5.5m (£4.3m) in the Swedish publisher.

Following this series A funding round, NFG now has a minority share in Raw Fury. In the announcement, Raw Fury’s co-founder David Martinez explained that “this new injection of bookoo bucks” will help the indie publisher “further expand its production capacity, sign larger projects, and let [it] become more Raw and Furious.”

On the back of this announcement, senior partner at NFG Martin Walfisz (who also founded Massive Entertainment back in 1997) and NFG managing director Mikkel Weider have joined Raw Fury’s board. The post announcing the investment and appointments is also full of anecdotes about the two new board members, our favourite being that Walfisz “had his photo taken as a textbook example of what a computer nerd looked like” (and that the “photo was, coincidentally, used in an actual textbook”). We also learnt in that post that Weider was eliminated in Denmark’s national championship for Doom in 90 seconds in the 90s.

Walfisz commented: “Jonas [Antonsson, Raw Fury’s CEO] and the team at Raw Fury are so passionate about helping talented indie developers launch great games. We’ve known the team for a long time, and have been continuously impressed by what they have achieved, both creatively and financially. Their approach to games publishing is one-of-a-kind, and we are furiously excited about now being a part of this rare business.”

Antonsson added (apparently “from a comfy hotel in the Cayman Islands,” which we envy really): “Finally, I’m going to get that secret volcano lair.”

Raw Fury was created in 2015, with former DICE CEO Karl Magnus Troedsson leaving EA to become a partner and co-owner at the indie publisher. Multiplay founded Craig Fletcher invested $125,000 (about £98k) in Raw Fury last March.

In the meantime, Nordisk Film has been investing in various games companies, with Raw Fury being the sixth games firm it invested in since 2017. Avalanche Studios got a $10m (£7.8m) investment in April 2017, before Nordisk Film took full ownership of the studio in May this year. Nordisk Film also invested $5m (£3.9m) in developer Reto Moto back December 2017.

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