Nostalgia sells to almost half of all European retro gamers

The latest data from ISFE and Ipsos Connect’s GameTrack consumer survey confirmed players’ appetite for retro gaming. 

Having interviewed gamers from the UK, Germany, France and Spain, 49 per cent of them told Ipsos Connect that they like to go back to games they played when they were younger (as reported by 41 per cent of them added they are keen to play classic games they didn’t get the chance to experience when they first came out.

For buyers of recent retro products such as the NES and SNES Mini or the Crash Bandicoot remasters, the results showed even more interest for classic games, quite obviously. 66 per cent of them like to go back to titles from their youth and 67 per cent of them are eager to play games they initially missed. Nostalgia was named as the key motivation behind their purchases for 49 per cent of these players.

Results also showed that 41 per cent of retro gamers interviewed think classic titles are better than current-gen games, though 38 per cent admitted that retro games are never as good as they remember. Outside of this group of retro players though, only 22 per cent of the gamers interviewed agreed that classic titles are better than current ones.

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