Notch to pocket $1.4bn of potential $2bn Microsoft Mojang buyout

Those questioning Markus Persson’s reported decision to sell his studio Mojang to Microsoft need to take a realistic look at the numbers.

It was reported earlier this week that Microsoft is in talks to acquire the Minecraft developer for $2bn.

It was later claimed that Persson himself had instigated discussions, causing some to dig up comments critical of Microsoft that the indie developer had made in the past.

However, the Financial Times reports that Persson owns a 70 per cent stake in Mojang, meaning he would personally pocket $1.4bn should the expected deal be completed.

Other major beneficiaries of a sale would include co-founder Jakob Porser and chief executive Carl Manneh.

Mojang last year made profits of $115m from revenue of $290m

The paper adds that Mojang’s employees have talked of the pressure Mr Persson felt to replicate the success of Minecraft” pointing out that he scrapped his last game 0x10c and subsequently released jokey throwaway game called Cliffhorse”.

Chief exec Manneh has previously stated that the stress had increased at Mojang since the game was first developed”, adding: Now there are millions of eyeballs looking at what’s coming next so the external pressure is obviously completely different.”

It is understood that Notch will leave Mojang once the deal is completed.

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