Now GameStop warns of Kinect, Move shortages

Perhaps the warning from Microsoft’s Don Mattrick wasn’t just hyperbole – GameStop also reckons that motion controllers are going to sell out this Christmas.

In fact the global games retail giant says both Microsoft Kinect and Sony’s Move will see tight supply as seasonal spending ramps up.

Speaking in the analyst and investors call today after announcing a record sales quarter, leaders at the retailer said the devices were attracting new consumers into stores, raising demand.

Tony Bartel, president, commented: "I see a very strong market place for [Kinect].

"Demand is very, very strong – like the Wii phenomenon where we had customers following UPS trucks to our stores – you’ll have the same with Move and Kinect."

This is because new gamers are being drawn to the market, he said.

"We see new customers coming into our stores, and they are buying hardware as well.

"NPD figures have shown this. In terms of attach, the rate is very high – the top attach in games for Kinect – Dance Central and Kinect Sports – they are the expanded audience type games.

"So we’re not only excited about Kinect and Move – both of which will be in short supply this season – but they are expanding the audience and are attaching well."

On Kinect specifically, GameStop executive chairman Dan DeMatteo added: "We’ve got huge expectations around that product."

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