Now Grand Theft Auto V is having reported problems on older Xbox 360s

Owners of older Xbox 360 consoles manufactured between 2006-2008 are complaining of freezing problems with Grand Theft Auto V.

Kotaku reports that the game is reportedly locking up soon after the first mission for many users, and that attempts to reinstall the game or shift the installation are not alleviating the issue.

A Rockstar rep reportedly told one user that the company is still trying to gather info about the problem. In the meantime it has recommended clearing the console’s cache and reinstalling.

There’s a caveat that should be kept in mind when considering these reports, of course – with more or less everyone on the planet playing GTA V, an upsurge in console technical difficulties is only to be expected.

The same thing happens whenever a big game is released.

PS3 owners will no doubt be aware that reports of problems with the digital PSN version of the game remain, with Rockstar remaining doggedly silent on the issue. The publisher has yet to even acknowledge the problem, let alone make any noises about addressing it.

What Rockstar has acknowledged, however, is an issue with vehicles and upgrades that can see personalised motors vanish from the game. It has recommended that players avoid either parking cars in garages or using vehicles that have been until a fix is issued.

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